Sunday, January 13, 2013

VACATION: Checking off my Disneyland bucket list

Zoe and I in Tiana's Showboat Jubilee. Major bucket list item!

For my vacation this week I decided on a few things:

1. Close to home.
2. Cheap.
3. Fun

Since I have a Disneyland pass, I decided this would be the best option. So four days and nights at Disney it is.

Then I thought of something even better: I have a bucket list of Disneyland to finish. So, in my time there I am going to try to check off as many as possible.

Here are a few items I'm most eager to cross out:

Radiator Springs Racers at night.
Eat at the Carnation Cafe (indoors).
Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante (seriously never been there).
Goofy's Sky School
Main Street horseless carriage (last Main St. vehicle to ride)
Matterhorn at night

Anything cool I should add to my list?

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