Friday, November 30, 2012

Saying goodbye to my 'City of Heroes'

With a heavy heart I am hanging up my cape.

Granted, it is not a voluntary action. "City of Heroes" is being shut down tonight. Unfairly I may add.
For seven years I have patrolled city streets, fought giant monsters and saved the world. It's also the longest relationship i've had with anything.

Being able to live out your imagination in a comic book world is an extrordinary thing. It is something i'll always cherish.

I've made great characters that will not go away when the servers go dark. Agent Donnell was my first role-playing character I made for a supergroup. Even years after quitting that group I still rp'd as him. He grew and so did I.

Flarearine was created out of a horrible situation. Years ago, my father went into a diabetic coma. I was tasked with staying at home and by the phone. With nothing else to do at 3 a.m. I created a fire/fire blaster. She ended up being my main character.

I just checked. I spent an amazing 1,275 hours (53 days!) playing as Flarearine. Slightly depressing, but you can see how much she meant to me. I could always depend on kicking ass and taking names with her.

"City of Heroes" wasn't just a game for me. It was there for me when I was at my lowest. When I needed a moment of clarity or a simple distraction, it was there for me.

Sure, I may have saved the world from a giant blob monster. But, I think "City of Heroes" actually saved me.


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