Friday, October 12, 2012

Fantasy TV draft: Week one results

As we've blogged before, Stephanie and I entered into a fantasy TV draft.

The fall TV season has been scheduled all over the place. NBC was out of the gate first, but we've had to wait for the CW to premiere all of its shows.

Well, Thursday brought our last new fall show to start: "Beauty and the Beast."

The math has been calculated and tears have been shed. Here are the results of the draft for week one. We counted total amount of viewers for each first episode.

Vegas 15.85
666 Park Ave. 6.97
Arrow 4.14
Made in Jersey 7.82
The Mindy Project 4.67
Revolution 11.65
Guys with Kids 4.62
Nashville 8.93
Mob Doctor 5.11
Total - 69.76
First pickup 20
Second pickup 10
First canceled -10

Grand total - 89.76

Elementary 14.41
Go On 10.5
Last Resort 9.31
The New Normal 6.88
Partners 6.56
Beauty and Beast 2.78
Chicago Fire 6.61
Ben and Kate 4.21
Neighbors 9.22
Total -  70.48
First pickup 20
Second pickup 10
Grand total: 100.48

A few adjustments were made. Both "Go On" and "Guys With Kids" had multiple pilot airings, so we averaged the ratings for those. In addition, both "Elementary" and "Vegas" won their timeslots, and awarded an extra point.

"Go On," "The New Normal" and "Revolution" were all picked up on the same day, so we both were given the 20 first pick up bonus points. In a weird twist, "The Mindy Project" and "Ben and Kate" were second to be picked up, we were both awarded the 10 points.

"Made in Jersey" was the first show to be canceled, so Stephanie lost 10 points.

If that had not happened and Stephanie played the NBC comedy night point saver card (we both picked NBC Thursday comedies to use in case of emergency points) she would have won with 104.04 versus my 103.98.

Week two might find a new result as Stephanie's show have found better staying power. It will still be very close.

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