Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TV fantasy draft: It's on

Tim and I had our annual TV fantasy draft this evening. Basically we divide up the new fall shows and choose our lists. We get points based on ratings, season pickups and lose points for cancellations and poor performance.

We will have a secondary draft around January for midseason replacements.

So here's our lists in the order we chose them.

Stephanie:                                                          Tim:

"Vegas"                                                              "Elementary"
"666 Park Avenue"                                             "Go On"
"Arrow"                                                              "Last Resort"
"Made in Jersey"                                                 "The New Normal"
"The Mindy Project"                                            "Partners"
"Revolution"                                                         "Beauty and the Beast"
"Guys With Kids"                                                 "Chicago Fire"
"Nashville"                                                           "Ben and Kate"
"The Mob Doctor"                                               "The Neighbors"
Bonus: "The Office"                                              Bonus: "Parks and Recreation"

Bonus shows are our "break glass in case of emergency" choices that we can use when we have a really bad week.

So there is our complete draft. We'll keep you updated with who's winning and what's doing a great and what's dragging down the team in the coming weeks.

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