Monday, September 3, 2012

It Came From Netflix!: Lake Mungo


Maybe it's because I had just seen The Possession or because I had just woke from a sickly haze like a feral badger in a vet office, but Lake Mungo became my first victim. I don't think I will be charged with any crime because no jury in the world would convict me of a crime after seeing this dull, lifeless and stale movie.

Released in 2008, Lake Mungo revolves around the drowning of Alice Palmer and the SUPPOSEDLY creepy happenings afterward. These happenings include found footage of the family and mostly centers around rediculous Bigfoot-esque stunts.

I enjoy the IMDB description MUCH more though: "A supernatural drama about grief."

Alice's brother tries to cope with the loss with his photography, introduced as naturally as Slug from The Goonies trying to make a cow eat a whopper.

This leads to some of the cheapest and overused gimmicks in movie history. The next 40 minutes are almost exclusively pictures and video zoomed in closely to show a figure that looks like Alice sitting around, as bored as the audience. After the 40 minutes, we discover that ALL of this.... ALL OF THIS.... was staged by the brother.

Hey, Alice's brother? Let me have a word with you over here. Just for a moment. Thanks. 

F*** you, Alice's brother. Your sister died, you d***. C'mon...

Anyways, that is supposed to count as one twist, followed by a couple more twists that are either unnecessary, not explained well or BOTH.

If you hate found footage, see Lake Mungo. Then go see any Paranormal Activity movie and you will enjoy it more than a fat midwestern gentleman with Applewood sausage watching the a mechanical dinosaur eat a car.

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