Sunday, August 26, 2012

'Expendables 3' dream cast

With the success of "Expendables 2" apparent, the inevitable prospect of "Expendables 3" is probably already on the works.

Assuming they get everyone back, including Jet Li whose presence in "Expendables 2" is questionable, it's time to start thinking about which action stars to add to the cast for part three.

The obvious choice seems to be Steven Seagal but he seems too full of himself to man up for the fans. Besides he's so much of a d-bag he would bring down the fun, campy levels of the franchise.

Next up is Wesley Snipes, who would make a great bad guy for the team to go after. Of course, Snipes legal troubles make him currently unavailable, but producers may be willing to wait for him. Imagine the fun of another face off between he and Stallone.

Tim has heard rumors of Nicolas Cage, which I think could make the third one the best in the series. Cage is never better than when he goes full throttle crazy.

I think the movies need more female flavor and would love to see Linda Hamilton return to action legend status. If all our suggestions got picked up it would be a full on "Terminator" reunion.

Other names we've discussed include "American Ninja" Michael Dudikoff, Michael Pare, Michael Biehn and Stallone's ultimate opponent Mr. T (you know you've been dreaming of a rematch since "Rocky 3."

So who have we missed who would be perfect for "Expendables 3?"

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