Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My need to see "Spider-Man" is not so amazing

I like Spider-Man.

As a character, I enjoy him. I think the character, written correctly, is hilarious. I love that his coping mechanism is comedy. In the comics, he always steals the show with the best lines.

The last three movies? I didn't hate them. I had problems with the second and third films, but I still saw them.

Opening days in fact.

I have a comic book movie rule. I see all the big movies. Yes, there are exceptions. "Elektra," sorry.

All three previous "Spider-Man" films I saw as soon as I possibly could. I even braved horrible crowds to see the third one.

I love, love comics. I'm a huge nerd. I make it a point to not give anyone a reason to take my geek card away.

Then why is it that I really don't want to see "The Amazing Spider-Man?"

I didn't go to a midnight screening. I didn't call in sick to see it. I didn't leave work early to see it. As I type this, I've been off for three hours and have missed four screenings at the theater less than a mile from my house. I can literally walk there in 20 minutes.

Maybe a bit of it is anger. Sony isn't making this movie because they have a great idea. They're afraid of the rights going back to Marvel, so they're rebooting it. Yes, the last Spider-Man movie came out five years ago.

Add to that I just don't like the look. It doesn't LOOK good to me. I think the Lizard is a D-list Spider-Man villain at best.

Will I see it? Eventually. I'm in no rush.

Perhaps I'll wait for it to come out on Redbox.

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