Monday, March 19, 2012

WonderCon 2012: DC storytelling continues to evolve

Unlike Comic Con, WonderCon is about actual comics more than TV and movie stars. With that in mind the two major publishers were on hand to announce what's coming up for some of their most popular titles.

The big news for DC is that "Batman: Earth One" will be out in July and has Batman as he's still figuring things out and learning how to be the famed hero. Eddie Berganza, executive editor, said the story will also take Alfred in a different direction, with the character resembling Liam Neeson in "Taken."

"Batman: Earth One" is fresh off the success of "Superman: Earth One" of which volume two will be released in November.

Writer Bryan Q. Miller announced that the digital first comic "Smallville: Season 11" will be released weekly on Fridays beginning April 13. The story will pick up six months after the series ended with Clark embracing his destiny and defeating Apokolips.

All the series characters will return and continue to face various threats as they take the "next mid 20s step in life."

Also launching digitally first are "Batman Beyond" and "Justice League Beyond." Many of the writers and artists on the panel discussed how the rise of digital comics on computers and tablets has forced creators to rework how they write and draw.

There was also talk of new additions to the new 52 including the return of Grant Morrison's "Batman Incorporated," which involves Bruce Wayne travelling the globe and recruiting new crime fighters to carry the Batman banner.

Two of the most intriguing titles were "Earth 2" and "World's Finest."

"Earth 2" harkens back to the Justice Society of America story of alternate Earth versions of classic heroes. "World's Finest" features Huntress and Power Girl being marooned on our Earth and trying to navigate a new existence.

Other additions include "Dial H," a mythology heavy story and the newest entry in the Dark group, "G.I. Combat," a book with dinosaurs and superheroes and "The Ravagers" a "Teen Titans" spin-off starring Superboy.

Other Highlights:

"Animal Man" and "Swamp Thing" crossover
"I, Vampire" and "Justice League Dark crossover
Amanda Waller's appearance in "Teen Titans"
Suicide Squad vs. Resurrection Man
Free Comic Book Day teases for Captain Marvel and Green Lantern

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