Thursday, March 8, 2012

'Breakout Kings:' A televised kick to the gut

Regular visitors and viewers here at Inscaped know my love of the A&E show "Breakout Kings." I even named it one of my top shows of 2011.

The show follows a US Marshals task force that used convicts to help find criminals who break out of prison.

I love the show because it's always an edge of your seat thriller, along with dashes of comedy. The perfect balance as you would.

Promos for season two stated "A King will fall." I figured they would drag it out all season, maybe kill someone off during the finale.

Then I tried to figure out which convict would get it.

Little did I suspect that the major death wouldn't be a convict.

And that's what makes "Breakout Kings" an amazing show; the death came out of nowhere and kicked you right in the gut. I had no clue it was coming. That made the impact hurt more, but not only that but it was a beloved character.

Really the only character that didn't have a past haunting them (too much). In perfect television form, the clues were there all throughout the episode. We should have seen this coming, but didn't.

That is great writing. And a bit of showmanship. Tell everyone something is going to happen, but shock them WHEN it does.

And I'm man enough to admit there were a few tears when it happened. Great performance Laz Alonso.

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