Monday, March 5, 2012

The Aquabats love fun! (and exclamation points!)

One quick look or listen at the latest CD from The Aquabats tells you all you need to know about their new kids show "The Aquabats! Super Show!"

1. One, they LOVE exclamation points. Every song on "Hi-Five Soup!" ends with one. And so does everything on the show.

2. With songs like "Food Fight On the Moon!", "The Shark Fighter!" and "Poppin' a Wheelie!" you can expect the show to follow the same zany logic.

And it doesn't disappoint. The best way I can explain it is if "Yo Gabba Gabba!" (lead singer also created that show) had a child with "The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers" (old school, not the new crap.) And add a bit of "Ren and Stimpy" in there.

Yes, it's crazy. And very campy. But, isn't that what makes a kid's show great?

The show follows the same storyline as the band's music does; they are a group of superheroes saving the world from evil.

As a frame of reference here is just a sampling of things that happened during the first episode:

Rip Taylor showed up as a genie.
The bad guy was a man sized ant. Named Man Ant! of course.
A baby calf on roller skates pushed down some stairs.
Space bees!
An awesome song called "Hamburger Rain"

Seems like an odd assortment there, eh? Yes, but it works. The show if funny without being too stupid. It also goes pretty fast. Not enough time for dull parts.

The first episode even had a fake commercial for Harry Hider, the fake moustache that helps block bad breath, hides gum chewing and helps with ventriloquist acts.

I fell in love with the band at the last Coachella and bought some of their stuff right away (like "I went to the store AT Coachella and bought a CD" right away). So I got the humor and how the band is.

As a test I showed the first episode to my 11-year-old niece and she was laughing along. I even caught her singing "Hamburger Rain" to herself the next day.

"The Aquabats! Super Show!" airs Saturday mornings on The Hub. Or try to find it online for those who have cheap cable like I do.

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