Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You know where we'll be May 4

Even now, three days later I still get chills watching that trailer.

To say I've been waiting decades for this movie is an understatement. I remember playing Avengers when I was a small kid. I loved Hawkeye and Ant-Man (or whatever his codename was at that specific time, so many).

I've purposefully avoided all spoilers for this film, so far. I almost didn't watch the Super Bowl footage, but years of dreaming of this movie being made was too powerful.

I really wish I would have recorded my reaction to watching it. It would have been hilarious for some and maybe sad for others.

Nerd meltdown? Big time. At the end, which I already sort of saw at D23, my hands were shaking and there were real tears in my eyes.

Make fun of me, I don't care. Have you ever wanted something for so long that you never thought you'd see it? I remember, as a kid, my friends and I would come up with dream casts for comic films. Back then it was fun, but also a pipe dream of sorts.

We never thought something like this could happen. Heck, I was watching "Iron Man" today and during the after-credits scene I still don't believe it's real.

But, is it like a bad prom? All my life I heard about how awesome proms were, then I get around to mine and it sucked pretty hard. I waited 18 years for that?

Then again, if I'd seen a horrible trailer for what my prom was going to be I would have avoided it. Everything I've seen so far from "Avengers" I have loved.

And I've been there almost every step of the way from Comic-Con, to D23 to now.

May 4 is coming soon and finally my childhood dreams will become a reality. Remember what Willy Wonka told Charlie?

"But Charlie, don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted... he lived happily ever after."

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