Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why M.I.A. should not apologize

Editor's Note: Hey friends, it's Stephanie. I wanted to introduce everyone to the magic that is Corinne Love. Corinne is an original member of the Inscaped family (you can even see her in some of the earliest shows with Tim and Dan.) She's a fantastic writer with a wicked take on pop culture and we're super excited to have her back in the fold. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Corinne Love!

Apparently, M.I.A has more people not feeling her latest rebel rousing ways. The Sri Lankan rapper recently performed with Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Cee-Lo and oh yeah those guys from LMAO for a crowded Super Bowl performance. And while many people were eagerly awaiting that the Queen of Pop, Esther, Madge would do something shocking the only thing that shocked us was Madonna's choice of wardrobe.

But this performance could not go without something that had people freeze-framing their DVR's. Somewhere in the flux of the fifteen minute halftime show between the gladiator cheerleaders and whatnot, M.I.A straddled some empty area space and gave viewers what they were expecting the whole time. Her middle finger. Those used to her brash behavior were hardly surprised but it seems that many viewers sat at home clutching their Doritos in a moment of bewilderment. Somehow that handy delay system designed to keep such events from reaching audiences en masse failed to work. Ha.Ha.Ha.

Now, M.I.A. is facing legal problems due to the whole fall out. As reported in a Yahoo! Sports column, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello stated "“We do have [safeguards regarding artist conduct] written into their contracts." Safeguards that keeping those at home from flashes of the middle finger.

Despite the fact that the incident barely lasted long enough to be a matter of national security, it has been rumored that through a source close to M.I.A. that she was indeed "incredibly sorry" as quoted by the British newspaper The Sun.

Eh? Sorry?

Why would she be sorry? She obviously meant to do it. In Madonna's video "Give me all your luvin," in a Marilyn blonde wig she is *almost* doing the same thing. One look at M.I.A.'s most recent video for "Bad Girls," with her doing donuts in the Moroccan desert amidst other women in protest of Saudi Arabia's laws regarding women and driving it's very obvious she does not care what people think.

A sorry just seems like a shrug off to the people who were expecting the Super Bowl to be fine family entertainment. If NBC is not receiving complaints then no harm no foul.

The more critical are saying that M.I.A.'s gesture was a way for Madonna to inadvertently shock viewers without risking the fall out. Go figure. The fact remains M.I.A. still has an album on the horizon and a little press never hurt sales.

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Danbot said...

It's sad that a venue that used to be for the likes of Paul McCartney and prince is now just a platform for pop stars to get attention.

What's worse is anyone at the NFL being surprised. The whole point of having older acts onstage was to protect from issues like this. But when you have Madonna FEATURING M.I.A., you're basically getting M.I.A.

Unless they gave Madonna a stun gun and told her to keep her sideshows under control, the NFL should be apologizing, not M.I.A.