Saturday, February 25, 2012

'Walking Dead' news! The Governor's coming to town!

"The Walking Dead" has been one of the most compelling shows on television over the last two years. And how could it not be? Character-heavy, post-apocolyptic zombie-war on the same network as "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad." It's tailor-made for comic book nerds and horror fans to swoon over.

"But," says Me Of Two Years Ago, "how far can they take this? How much of a story is there really too be had without treading the same waters that have been treaded for 60 years?"

"You sad fool," says Me Of Today, "You have no idea the hell that's coming."


All fans of the "Walking Dead" comic series knows that the TV show is setting up for the brutalist of storylines: THE GOVERNOR.

Here's a mix of what is known from the comics and how I see it going down:

So Randall is the timebomb for the whole setup: Rick saves him from the Walkers and, not knowing who he is or where he comes from, takes him to the farm for medical attention.

Turns out Randall is from WOODBURY, the brutal, gladiator-esque home for humans. Woodbury is ruled by The Governor, a man whose charm is only matched by his soul-less acts of torture.

Of course, The Governor is going to want to see this farm when Randall gets free and alerts them, which will lead to the Rick that comes along in the comics: the shaken, desperate and animalistic survivor.

It's been announced that David Morrisey of British fame will play the ruler of Woodbury, but the question of what kind of Governor he will be is up in the air.

If the show stays true to the comic, we could see some gut-wrenching scenes of torture, decapitation and truly weird zombie-love.

Knowing how the television world works, there may be some clever and tasteful omissions on the part pf the show runners.

Let's say for now that the truth of the show's third season will rest on the addition of Michonne, the mysterious, sword-weilding queen of badassery who takes on The Governor like a sushi chef a couple times. (Notice that eye-patch above? That's a preview.)

If she is not added in, we'll know the show will try to ease through the story arc without getting cancelled. On the other hand, if Michonne comes out of the forest swinging near the end of this season, hang on to your sheriff's hats; it's gonna be a wild ride.

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