Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Only happy when they make a comeback!

By the time I have written this little blog post I have replayed the one minute snippet of Garbage's new single "I hate love," at least six times.

I regret nothing.

First off, I'm glad they are back. The four piece band that is a collection of seasoned professionals in the music industry. It's always surprising that people want to dismiss that fact as if that makes Garbage less authentic or relevant by some really sheer and logically inconclusive moot point. The fact of the matter is, that garbage is an amazing band that knows how to craft dark pop with little or no room for marginal error.

After the last album, the return to rock, brick-and-mortar "Bleed Like Me," Garbage was doing a more organic type of sound: crunchy guitars, Shirley Manson's seductive yet strong vocals and Butch Vig's signature I-made-the-90s production. Yet, so far the snippet of "I Hate Love" is promising. Dancey and yet mildly morose, "I Hate Love" is picking up where in theory, where the band's second album the aptly named "Version 2.0" left off. Bring on the flaw-free production!

"Not Your Kind of People" is slated for a May release. But everyone is excited to have them back, in under a minute tickets for the band's LA show sold out.

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