Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great Ideas podcast No. 4!

Hello, friends!

"Great Ideas" is a (FREE) podcast run by myself (Hi, I'm Daniel. You may know me from some work I do around here including the infamous massive parenthetical.) and Sasha, my sidekick. (And Anthony our mild-mannered, eccentric producer.)

We discuss the issues of the day including: Death, the apocalypse, Madonna, aliens, movies... you know, stuff you find in your uncle's attic.

THIS WEEK: Sasha skips town, so Producer Anthony sits in to discuss drug use, the awkward discovery of "special" files on computers, iced cream and DEATH. Whatta downer, no?

Are you sitting in front of your computer right now saying "Hey, I'm digging what this socially maladjusted chatterbox is saying?"

Then you should do the following:

1. Visit the GREAT IDEAS website
2. Choose an episode. Don't worry. There's plenty to to be had.
3. In the blog post, click the orange link.
4. On the next page, hit the green download button.


Use this link to go straight to step 4:

We're growing in fanbase, quality and entertainment, so get in on the ground floor so when we're big news, you can be the snob that hates us for going mainstream!!!

(We also enjoy whale pictures.)


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