Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Best of 2011: Nos. 8 & 7 (Tim)

My countdown of the best movies of 2011 continues with Nos. 8 and 7.

8. "The Adventures of Tintin"

Yes, it was even a shock to me. For months leading up to the release of the film I kept saying how I wasn't interested. Then Christmas happened.

I had seen every other film I wanted to already. My entire family went to the movies so I had three choices: "New Years Eve," "Hugo" or "Tintin."

I made the best choice ever.

First off, the film is beautiful. My jaw was literally on the floor seeing how gorgeous every frame of this film was.

I'm usually not a fan of motion capture, but Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson made a believer out of me. And the 3-D wasn't even annoying!

If it's still playing at a theater anywhere near you, stop whatever you're doing and see it. You can even take kids to it.

There is one part of the film, near the end, that takes place on a pirate ship. That scene, probably less than 10 minutes total, was better than the last two "Pirates of the Caribbean" films combined.

Thankfully it caught on overseas and made a ton of money so a sequel is in the works.

7. "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol"

Another film I wasn't too much thought into. I knew it would be at least "good," but this film kicked me in the gut and made me apologize.

Brad Bird, known for his animated film work, knocked it out the park with his live action debut. Everything about this movie works; the effects, acting, chemistry, plot... everything.

It's a nail biter, edge of your seat thriller. And that skyscraper scene? Holy crap. If you see that film and don't give Tom Cruise a bit of respect after that, there is something wrong with you. He totally earned a free pass in my book for not only that scene, but the entire movie.

Is it a coincidence that both of these movies starred Simon Pegg? I think not, he rocks. And I think you can totally expect to see my No. 7 movie appear a lot higher on Stephanie's list.

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