Friday, February 24, 2012

Best of 2011: Nos. 2 & 1 (Tim)

My countdown of the best movies of 2011 continues with Nos. 2 and 1.

First let's recap the list:

10. "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"
9. "We Bought a Zoo"
8. "The Adventures of Tintin"
7. "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol"
6. "Thor"
5. "Captain America"
4. "The Descendants"
3. "Super 8"

2. "Limitless"

This film literally came out of nowhere. I had no clue it was even a movie until I saw the trailer for the first time.

And it kicked my ass. In a good way.

I was not expecting what my eyes saw. I was genuinely surprised and excited in almost every second of this movie.

And it goes everywhere from romance, to comedy, to drama, action and even a bit of horror (oh, God that one scene near the end...). Neil Burger, who directed "The Illusionist" did a fantastic job. Especially with the visuals of what the drug does visually. There's a rumor he's directing the "Uncharted" movie. AWESOME.

I've always known Bradley Cooper was awesome. Remember "Alias?" He's the perfect leading man here who goes from total loser to probably the most amazing man in the world.

1. "The Muppets"

Yes, No. 1. Deal with it.

I really went back and forth between this and "Limitless." But, listening to the soundtrack made me sure that "The Muppets" was the best movie of the year.

Like Stephanie said, just listen to "Pictures in My Head." I dare you not to get emotional.

Everyone can relate to that song. We all have had friends that we haven't talked with in years. And sometimes you don't know the reason why.

So many great moments in this film. Funny, sad, romantic and cute. I went to my first viewing with a few co-workers and we were all laughing throughout. And then spent a good 20 minutes outside of the theater talking about it.

Isn't that what going to the movies is all about?

And months later I'm still quoting lines (seriously, if me or my co-worker gets upset the first words out of our mouths is "In... Control..."). I'm even listening to the soundtrack again as I type this.

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