Saturday, February 25, 2012

Best of 2011: 3 and 2 (Steph)

We're almost at the finish line of the best movies of 2011. Today it's Nos. 3 and 2.

3. "The Artist" - As a fan of the classics, this film was such a revelation. From the amazing score to the sensational performances, watching "The Artist" was like going back in time to when movies were just meant to be a fun time at the theater. Jean Dujardin's classic leading man looks helped sell him as the fading star, while Berenice Bejo was charming as the star on the rise. It's hard to come up with something new nowadays, so the decision to go back to the classic was really inspired.

2. "The Descendants" - Tim described very eloquently how George Clooney put on a masterclass of acting in this film. What he does here is create a character that instantly draws the audience in and keeps them 100 percent invested until the minute the credits roll. While the movie is absolutely great, it's hard to imagine anyone else picking this film up on his shoulders and making every second work the way he does.

As fantastic as Clooney is, he would have nothing without the beautifully balanced script. It moves so perfectly from heartbreak to hilarity, that it is also a masterclass in storytelling. Sometimes it just takes the right marriage of actor and script to create a one of a kind special movie.

And now it's on to No. 1...

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