Saturday, February 11, 2012

'Attack The Block' hits every target (with a Super Soaker)

"Attack The Block" may not have been widely released in the United States, but it easily deserved it. In a day when people complain over refried movies more than their iPhones, (Rich People Problems!) a movie like this is an amazing cold shower of freshness.

Written and directed by Joe Cornish ("The Adventures of Tintin"), Attack The Block follows a gang of teen punks as they face an alien invasion in South London. While the concept may seem simple, the art direction and brilliant young actors make it a film you haven't seen before. Period.

One of the greatest elements in the story is the fact that their are no real heroes. John Boyega, our lead character and the one person you'd assume to be your hero alien hunter, starts the movie in a very criminal way that doesn't get very apolgetic. Which is a great thing! The story continues to build a tense relationship between Boyega and one of his potential victims, with very little common ground to be found.

I imagine this film to be "Super 8" meets "Die Hard" with some cool aliens. The "Super 8" part being all of the great actors ranging from 8 to 16 year olds. Movies with young actors have the unique ability of taking what would otherwise be a rather mature movie and adding fresh elements and sentimental feel.

While it may be too late to see "Attack The Block" on the big screen, it's an A+ that's definately worth seeing.

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