Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting a Bag of Crap

Maybe I should start by saying it's not a literal "bag of crap." Although that might be a bit blogworthy if that did happen.

It's, for those who don't know, essentially a grab bag of sorts from the website Woot. So basically, it's a box filled with stuff. Could be good, could be... well, crap.

What Woot does is every now and then they sell the Bag of Crap and fill the boxes with stuff from the warehouse of things that didn't sell or even broken items. I remember reading about one buyer who received a box filled with broken MP3 players.

But, it could also be something awesome. This guy actually got a flat screen TV!

Now, normally, it's a random thing and hard to get. But, there are days like Christmas Eve when everyone knows they'll be selling a Bag of Crap.

I would say for the last five years I've been trying to get one, but to no avail.

This all changed on Dec. 24.

Below is me unwrapping my Bag of Crap, with video production by my 11-year-old niece Zoe.

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