Friday, January 20, 2012

Etta James' top five classics

Legendary blues singer Etta James may be most well known for the wedding staple "At Last," but her list of hits included many other classics that must be celebrated as James is remembered.

1. "I'd Rather Go Blind" - In two and a half minutes James' heart-wrenching vocals tell the story of everyone who has ever had a broken heart.

2. "At Last" - A timeless expression of true love that will be James' lasting legacy.

3. "I Just Want to Make Love to You." - A sexy, passionate plea that skips flowery statements of love and gets right to the point. Etta's sexiness was very ahead of its time.

4. "All I Could Do Was Cry" - Once again James captures every emotion of a break up in one song cementing her status as the queen of the broken-hearted ballad.

5. "Let's Burn Down the Cornfield" - This might be the sexiest song ever recorded. Women weren't supposed to sing the suggestive lyrics that James croons in this version of the longing plea where she tells her man where to wait and what she wants him to do to her.

For fans of Adele, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson and Amy Winehouse wondering who Etta James was and why she's so important to music history, these songs are the starting point for their Etta James playlists.

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