Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tim's Christmas gifts (to himself)

In what has become a yearly tradition for me, I was once again braving the crowds at Target the day after Christmas.

No, I wasn't looking for half off decorations or discounted lights. Target seems to only want to put this one item I want on sale at this time.

Each year I plan a little better and learn more tricks to get in, grab it and get out as quickly as possible.

Oh, the item?

Yes, I own every season of "Psych" on DVD and I've purchased each one at Target during the holidays. I've never spent more than $14.99 for a set.

One year, I got a season for $12.99.

With a usual price of $39-$44, it's almost a steal for $14.99.

And this is a show where if I need cheering up, I can just grab a disc and start laughing. I think my disc with "American Duos" on it might need to be replaced I've played it so much.

I did grab another excellent deal on Super Monday (the day after Christmas).

Best Buy had season two of "Community" for $14.99, with a usual price of $39.99. Add to that the $5 Reward Zone certificate I got (and free shipping), I got the set for less than $11. 

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