Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Geekmas!

If there was any doubt before that I was a geek, my Christmas gifts came along to remind me "oh, yeah geek!"

The Green Lantern snuggie type thing in the earlier post? A Christmas gift from my equally nerdy friend Kim (I got her a Penguin stuffed animal... the Batman villain, not a penguin penguin.)

I also got this massive Batman book from Stephanie. I'm going to do an entire separate entry on this bad boy. Not only is it huge, but very heavy. It's basically a scrapbook of Bruce Wayne's life. And includes Batcave blueprints.

My niece knows how nerdy I am, so she made me this:

And the inside (I was so proud when I opened it up):

Funny when, in life, you hope people really know you. Like personally know what you love and what makes you tick. And for a kid to realize this?

I also got an Iron Man vinyl bobblehead, loads of "Thundercats" stuff and a giant Wolverine book (I think my mom stole the idea from Stephanie.)

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