Thursday, December 1, 2011

'I Hate' Fox's new 'comedy'

You may notice that the headline for this story features the word comedy in quotations. That's because while Fox's new show "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" is a comedy, it is almost comically unfunny.

The premise involves two former high school outcasts who've spoiled their daughters so much, they have turned into the girls who used to make their lives miserable.

Stars Jamie Pressly and Katie Finneran play the moms who are just realizing how far gone their daughters are. Chad L. Coleman and Eric Sheffer Stevens are the clueless ex-husbands/dads and Kevin Rahm is Stevens brother and the only adult who sees through these girls antics.

The main problem with this show is that none of these characters are remotely likable, meaning there's no one to root and therefore no reason to watch.

The pilot was seriously unfunny. The silence was deafening as I never laughed once.

Even more unsettling is the fact that this is such a strong cast with Pressly appearing on "My Name is Earl," Finneran in "You've Got Mail" and "Company," Stevens had an acclaimed run on "As the World Turns" and Rahm has starred in "Judging Amy" and "Desperate Housewives."

With all that talent, you'd think they could muster up a few laughs, and yet they don't. I found this particularly disappointing as I enjoy Pressly and Rahm, and loved Stevens on "As the World Turns."

Fortunately for Fox the ratings were OK with the show garnering 6.8 million viewers. (TV By the Numbers)

However, that number will almost certainly go down when "Happy Endings" returns to new episodes and "The X Factor" is no longer providing a cushy lead in.

Despite the not terrible ratings, this show is just to awful to remain on the air for long. Frankly it's embarrassing that it even made it past the pilot stage.

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