Monday, December 19, 2011

'Dark Knight Rises' reactions and spoilers

Now that we've given everyone the weekend to see either the prologue or trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" let's spoil the crap out of them.

First up the prologue which ran before IMAX screenings of "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol." The clip encompasses the first six minutes of the film and features a professor being rescued by the CIA. However, there's a surprise when soldiers who worked for the famed assassin Bane have been captured as well.

Once on the plane, the lead agent tries interrogating the prisoners, but it turns out it was all part of the plan and Bane is actually among the captured men. He needed to make sure the professor didn't say anything.

Bane then proceeds to take over the plane when his much larger plane descends in and hooks up the small CIA plane. This was a fantastic bit of filming that played extremely well in IMAX. The way everyone fell back on the plane as Bane remained in control reminded me of the fight in "Inception." You keep wondering how did they do that?

Finally Bane hooks the professor up to a dead soldier and gives him a blood transfer, presumably giving the professor an injection of Venom.

Bane and the professor are then lifted out of the plane as it crashes.

The prologue ends with a sizzle reel of shots from the movie including the big fight between Batman and Bane. All in all an OK preview, but really nothing new or unexpected.

With all the hype surrounding the IMAX prologue, no one had any idea that a awesome trailer was being released with "Sherlok Holmes."

As you can see the trailer provides more insight into plot and shows more of the cast, though unless I'm mistaken there was no Morgan Freeman. However, the one thing both clips have in common is neither has very much Batman in them. This makes me wonder what surprises Christopher Nolan is trying to keep under wraps.

I guess we'll all have to wait until "The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters July 20.

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