Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The awesomeness of Christmas in 'Eureka'

There really aren't words to describe how brilliantly put together "Eureka's" Christmas episode was.

Like most things in Eureka, things started off quietly until a seemingly unrelated sequence of events came together to make the town animated.

It turned out Kevin, Zoe and Jenna were controlling everything with a cool holographic storybook that I totally want now. As the kids continued further into the story, the adults had to deal with increasingly crazy obstacles.

But let's start back at the beginning.

After being hit by the mysterious beam, everything shifted to computer animation. This style was fun but didn't offer the comedic effect of some of the others. However, it served as a great jumping off point for the zaniness of the episode.

The action then shifted to a classic cartoon style that reminded me of the "Yogi Bear Christmas Special." Suddenly Jack was an old school Ranger Smith and Andy his robot sidekick.

In a truly hilarious twist, Jack's much destroyed Jeep came to life with the voice of Jim Parsons, finally complained about all the crazy situations it gets dragged into and drove off abandoning Jack and Andy in the forest.

I swear with every animation switch the show just got funnier and funnier.

Meanwhile back at Global Dynamics Henry had become a pull string doll while Fargo was turned into a bobblehead and Allison was a Christmas bombshell.

Back in the forest, Jack and Andy were forced to fight snowman ninjas (or "sninjas") when the kids decided the story needed a bad guy. Fortunately they were saved by the Disney princess style Jo, who came complete with loyal bluebirds.

Making things even more hilarious was the switch to claymation straight out of a classic Christmas special.

This led to a humorous encounter with Taggart in the form of a polar bear and some fun bonding between Fargo and Henry.

Once the kids finally figured out what was going on they decided to give everyone a fighting chance against a now giant sized "sninja" by switching to anime.

The sequence included all the best hallmarks of anime; fantastical multi-colored backgrounds, extreme close-ups and gravity defying martial arts.

When things went back to normal, everyone gathered at the smart house for a heart warming celebration.

This was one of "Eureka's" best episodes ever, an instant classic and now my official all time favorite.

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