Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why 'Glee' can't be fixed?

Originally this was going to be a blog all about how to fix "Glee" and return it to its former glory.

However, following tonight's episode "Pot O' Gold," it appears that the show can't be fixed and doesn't really want to be.

"Glee" started out as a fun comedy about a group of quirky outsiders who band together in the glee club to take on the world. Though they all fit certain high school stereotypes, the characters had heart and made viewers care about them.

Now tons of success and three years later, the show has become a parody full of caricatures. As great as she is, Jane Lynch is being wasted as Sue Sylvester. She shows up and yells insults at the kids, drops one liner about Matthew Morrison's hair and stomps away. Come on, she could do that in her sleep.

Also the musical numbers are starting to blend together. Sure the magnificent ones stand out, but those have become more fleeting in recent episodes.

The problems seem to start with the writing. The stories have become so over the top ridiculous that they're not even plausible by "Glee" standards. Not to mention the characters have either been written into a boring corner or made completely unlikeable.

Despite producers' assurance that the show is headed back to basics and will focus more on the core group this season, the series shows no signs of improvement. Even more disturbing, no one seems to be concerned with righting the plane. Everyone involved seems content to just ride things out until the bitter end.

With sub-standard writing and producers who seem more interested in pursuing other shows, the show will become the new "Heroes" even faster than expected.

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