Monday, November 14, 2011

Tim's show of the week: 'Community'

All it took was getting a song stuck in my head for almost a week!

"Community" took an otherwise boring Thursday night and hit the comedic equivalent of a home run with "Studies in Modern Movement."

But, it almost wasn't the best of the week.

This last week was a toughy.

"CSI" was a really good episode that actually made me start liking the Ted Danson character. That has to count for something.

And "A Gifted Man" was so good (as it usually is) that I actually had to pick my jaw up off the floor at certain parts.

But, laughing until I was in tears won out. As it should.

The episode was all about Annie moving in with Troy and Abed, but Jeff pretending to be sick so he didn't have to help.

Of course, he was caught. By the Dean, which made it funnier because he was essentially blackmailed into this (note what the Dean is wearing):

I must have watched that clip a dozen times since Thursday and I'm still laughing. I love the cheesiness of it and the karaoke camerawork is amazing.

Everyone had great moments in the show, which always makes for a great episode. Well, expect Ken Jeong who was missing from the episode.
But, bonus gold stars go to Jim Rash who was the MVP of the episode. Sometimes the Dean character can be a bit too much, but that last episode was the perfect amount.

It's just too bad that NBC is leaving "Community" off it's midseason schedule.

My hope is that the USA Network can pick the show up. Wouldn't it be perfect paired with "Psych?"

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