Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ranking the New 52: Part two

Just finished reading all the second issues that I wanted to in the DC Comics New 52.

And I'm happy to say there has been some movement in the rankings. I was happy that some issues actually got better. Usually the sophomore slump kills that.

So, without further ado here are the new rankings. I've added the previous rankings next to them to see movement:

1. "Batgirl" (No. 1)
1. "Aquaman" (No. 2)
2. "Nightwing" (No. 3)
3. "Justice League" (No. 5)
4. "Red Lanterns" (No. 4)
5. "Animal Man" (No. 5)
6. "Green Lantern Corps" (No. 9)
7. "Batman" (No. 10)
8. "Demon Knights" (No. 8)
9. "Detective Comics" (No. 7)
10. "Flash" (No. 11)
11. "Mister Terrific" (NA)
12. "Batwoman" (No. 12)
13. "JLI" (No. 13)
14. "Wonder Woman" (No. 15)
15. "Static Shock" (No. 17)
16. "Resurrection Man" (No. 14)
17. "New Guardians"(No. 20)
18. "Green Arrow" (No. 22)
19. "Green Lantern" (No. 29)
20. "Action Comics" (No. 32)

Also decided to drop "Suicide Squad" and "Red Hood and the Outlaws" after the second issues, so they are off the list.

A sneak peek of third issue rankings will find "Batman" moving up along with "Green Lantern Corps." "Batman" may turn out to be one of the best books if it keeps going how it is.

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