Monday, November 14, 2011

A 'Doctor Who' movie without The Doctor

Today "Harry Potter" director David Yates announced that he was working with BBC Worldwide on a "Doctor Who" movie.

At first glance that sounds like the most exciting news ever. Imagine seeing Matt Smith or possibly David Tennant having an action-packed romp through time and space in the TARDIS joined by Amy, Rose, Martha or Capt. Jack.

Unfortunately, none of that will come true because Yates wants to reboot the story and start over.

Wait, what? Start over?

Why would you start over when you have access to 50 years of mythology and character development, along with actors who already understand the complex nature of bring The Doctor and his companions to life?

Yates said that everything would need to be redone from the ground up, meaning none of the current television timeline would be used.

So just so we're clear, you're going to take one of the most popular television franchises of all time, transfer to the big screen, but not use any of the story that made it so popular in the first place?

Wow that's sound decision making.

While it's nice that BBC is involved, it's extremely disingenuous of them to make this movie (a clear money grab) and not treat it like love letter to the fans that have made "Doctor Who" its most valuable property.

Yates says the film is three to four years away, since he has so much work and planning to do.

In the meantime, "Doctor Who" faithful can enjoy Steven Moffat and Matt Smith's fantastic work and hope that someone comes to their senses before this abomination hits theaters.

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