Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fox is making it hard to be a 'Fringe' fan

I've enjoyed "Fringe" since it first started. Every single episode I've been there watching. I have the DVD sets and everything.

But, Fox seems to be doing everything in it's power cancel the show.

First it got moved to the dreaded Friday death slot. You know, where every good show goes to die. Hey "Firefly" fans!

Then Fox goes and does something beyond idiotic.

So the last new episode aired on Oct. 14. I am usually home and waiting by the television to watch "Fringe," but that night something came up. And I even forgot to DVR it.

I didn't fret because I figured, "hey I'll watch it online." Not so fast.

Hulu stated the episode was locked for eight days. Seriously?

I head to the Fox website and it said I could watch it if I had a certain cable provider. Apparently Charter isn't good enough.

When a show's ratings are sinking each and every week you think the idea would be to get the show out to as many people as possible, not punish people that don't have certain providers.

Technically it's my fault for going out on a Friday night (heaven forbid) and loving the show so much I watch it live (and not DVR it). But Fox, come on.

Just look how many people don't watch it live. According to TVByTheNumbers.com "Fringe" has a 62 percent increase of ratings from people watching it later.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a parallel universe with Fox.

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