Monday, October 3, 2011

All about 'Castle'

My love for "Castle" is well documented, so stick with me.

The first Richard Castle graphic novel was released last week: "Deadly Storm."

The graphic novel is based on the Derrick Storm novels that Castle has written (and have been talked about extensively on the show.)

Of course Castle doesn't write the graphic novel, but comic veterans Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue Deconnick do along with art by Lan Medina.

And you wouldn't even notice.

The book has the same style and humor that the character of Castle projects.

The plot follows private investigator Storm pulled into working for the CIA and assassins. "Castle" fans are used to only hearing about Storm in passing, so this is a big treat to be able to read his first adventure.

And the book is REALLY good. There are twists and turns (including one I didn't see coming at all), laughs and some good action moments. Reading it, the thought of "this could be a great movie" pops up now and again.

The art is also well-done, especially making Storm look a lot like Nathan Fillion... or Castle as you will.

Another fun part of the graphic novel is on the sleeve: a list of other books by Castle. And near the end of the book it goes into great detail to tell the plot of each Castle book. And that part is really fun because it plays on moments from the show where Castle talks about how he got the idea for that specific Storm book.

Speaking of books, the newest Nikki Heat book, "Heat Rises," was also released recently AND debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

That makes me really happy to see that the little show that could is doing great and is a full fledged hit and franchise.

I've only started to read the book, but was already hit by the dedication:

"To Captain Roy Montgomery, NYPD. He made a stand and taught me all I need to know about bravery and character."

I really started to get a little emotional, then I remembered it's just a television show...

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