Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'Ringer:' Five minute first impressions

Sarah Michelle Gellar made her much hyped and long awaited return to TV last night in the series premiere of "Ringer."

The twist filled drama stars Gellar as estranged twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan. When they reunite after years of not speaking, Siobhan disappears, is presumed dead and Bridget assumes her identity.

Though the premise seems thin, there are enough secrets and mysteries floating around to make the show interesting. The problem with the pilot is that there were too many secrets established. There's also the fact that besides Bridget none of the characters are likable.

Ioan Gruffudd is underused as Siobhan's rich yet mysterious husband Andrew, while Kristoffer Polaha overwhelms with smarminess as her lover Henry.

It came as no surprise when Siobhan showed up in Paris alive and well with her own mysterious plans.

Apparently viewers will need a "Lost" style flow chart to keep track of all the secrets and lies in the "Ringer" universe.

Other observations:
  • Nestor Carbonell is wasted in the pilot, but hopefully he'll be given more to do in upcoming episodes.
  • Bridget's only friend is a Narcotics Anonymous sponsor she confides in on the phone. She needs someone in her current world to trust.
  • Her twin sister dies and Bridget's first reaction is to take over her life. That's far fetched even for The CW.
Overall, the pilot was intriguing enough to justify watching more episodes, but this show is going to have to get real good, real fast to sustain interest.

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