Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick review: 'Hall Pass'

Oh, thank you Redbox for your random free rental coupons and not a lot of choices at the location by my house.

With not much to choose from, I settled on "Hall Pass."

The new "comedy" from the Farrelly Brothers. Remember "Something About Mary?" That was a funny movie.

This one?

Not so much.

Under normal circumstances I would say about a bad comedy, "all the funny parts were in the trailer!"

Well, the trailer wasn't even funny so what does that tell you?

At first you think it's a funny relationship comedy starring Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate.

It's supposed to be funny because they can cheat on their wives! HAHA!

But, toward the end the movie takes a real dark turn with someone trying to murder the guys and a character getting into a car accident.

If it were funny up to that point I would have called it a buzzkill, but it was more like taking a quick left turn into a ditch.

In the end I didn't laugh, but I felt really bad for the actors involved. They deserve better.

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