Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'Playboy Club:' Too little, too late

In its second outing, "The Playboy Club" improved in quality, but continued to disappoint in the ratings.

"The Scarlett Bunny" continued to unravel the somewhat interesting story of Maureen (the bunny who killed a mobster with a stiletto) and her cover up of the crime.

Her accomplice Nick made up with his girlfriend Carol-Lynne, even though he and Maureen are still keeping this terrible secret.

The subplot revolved around a Playboy magazine cover contest and how that led to some of bunnies secrets being revealed.

Last night's episode garnered a weak 1.3 share in the 18-49 demographic and had around 4 million viewers. Compared to "Castle" which had around 14.6 million viewers and "Hawaii Five-0" which had 11.1 million viewers.

All those numbers translate into "The Playboy Club" possibly becoming the first show canceled and NBC replacing it with "Dateline NBC."

However, NBC should give it a chance on a less competitive night like Friday, or maybe even move it to one its cable channels such as USA or Bravo.

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