Friday, September 9, 2011

Marvel asks 'What team will you choose?' pt. two

And just like that Marvel has fully announced the two opposing X-Men sides.

Without further blogsense here's Wolverine's side:

Not sure I'm happy with Quentin Quire being on Wolverine's team. The kid is basically a psychopath (yes, I know fits perfect on Wolverine's team...). Also looks like three people were hiding in Strong Guy's shadow including Multiple Man.

My first reaction is to say "meh." Guess I'm not #TeamWolverine.

Maybe Cyclops will have a better roster of people:

Wait, nope... never mind.

I am slightly intrigued by Psylocke being on both sides and Domino being on Jubilee's team, but not interested enough to drop down any money.

With DC's New 52 is full swing, Marvel needed to do something eXciting and cool. Yes I like the idea of fans choosing sides, but I think Marvel didn't think of another team that fans would choose.


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