Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Marvel asks 'What team will you choose?' pt. 1

DC has a lot of comic fans buzzing with the new 52 relaunch. Just look at our site in the past few weeks and you can see that.

Marvel isn't taking things lying down.

In the current "Schism" storyline, Cyclops and Wolverine are headed toward a giant fight that is going to basically tear the X-Men in two.

The entire X-Men universe is headed toward a "Regenesis."

Little by little, Marvel has been announcing the rosters for the X-books based upon the two sides.

We wont get the final roster for a few weeks, but here are the teases startinbg with Wolverine's side:

The Uncanny X-Force team looks to be Deadpool and Nightcrawler, but isn't he dead? Look closely and see that red mark above his eye? I think that is the Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler. It's also safe to assume the shadow above him is Fantomex.

Wolverine and the X-Men has Wolverine obviously along with Iceman, Shadowcat and Lockheed the dragon. If you look closely to the left of Wolverine you can see Toad in the background.

The X-Men Legacy team looks to be led by Rogue along with Gambit and Joanna Cargill. I have no clue who the person in the shadow is.

The X-Factor team looks a lot like the old, normal X-Factor team, just without Multiple Man. Havok leading the team could be pretty cool too.

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