Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Borders, it was fun while it lasted

Everyone knows by now that Borders Bookstore is closing.

I am a bit angry about it. For years I would see beyond idiotic things going on there and wonder "how do they stay in business?"

For a good example, take a look at the prices of Blu-ray discs there. You could regularly see new releases with "regular" prices of $30 or more. Even with a 30-40 percent off coupon the price of the disc would be a lot more than anywhere else.

It wasn't the employees fault, they were awesome people. At the Riverside location, near my house, they would talk to you about what you were buying, suggest new books etc. The cafe people were extra amazing.

Going into the liquidated store is borderline depressing. It's like a good friend is moving away.

I don't feel bad about getting some great discounts, after all I have spent a small fortune there over the years.

When they advertised prices at 60-80 percent off I decided, OK, I'll go in one last time and "say goodbye."

I was lucky enough to get the trade paper back of "Flash: Rogue War" for $7.

Then it hit me.

Back when the store first opened in 2005, on my very first visit, I purchased an ice blended Chocolate Javakula (man, I'm going to miss those) and a copy of "Flash" No. 224 (brand new off the racks).

What was the big storyline going on during "Flash" No. 224?

"Rogue War."

I had not remembered that fact until I got to that issue's point in the TPB.

I think that's a pretty cool first and last purchase at the store I loved.

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