Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall TV: 'Person of Interest' makes a strong debut

CBS' new drama "Person of Interest" was the show I was most excited about seeing. Thankfully, it completely lived up to expectations.

Michael Emerson plays a mysterious billionaire who hires Jim Caviezel's ex-special forces operative to help him fight crime. A lot of the investigative work is based on the premise that since 9/11 the government has been watching our every move. It even uses surveillance footage as transitions between scenes.

What made this series work was the superb performances of Emerson and Caviezel. Their chemistry and the slow reveal of their characters' past really lifted the show above that of a normal procedural.

The pilot revolved around a conspiracy of corrupt cops and while the story was pretty standard, there were a few twists that helped establish how dangerous Caviezel's character really is.

Overall, "Person of Interest" featured compelling acting and a fascinating, timely story that set it apart from the rest of the fall schedule.

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