Saturday, September 24, 2011

'Doctor Who' goes back to the beginning

After three weeks of scary dolls, creepy hotels and heartbreaking goodbyes, it was nice to have a good old fashioned romp with old friend Craig (James Corden), who was now a father to the endlessly adorable Alfie.

The Doctor shows up to say goodbye to Craig, but is of course drawn into a mystery at a local department store. It turns out a long dormant Cybermen ship has been awakened and is capturing people to rebuild its fleet.

Craig and Alfie help The Doctor investigate and are put in harm's way, but Craig very quickly lets The Doctor know he still loves him because "you can't pick your mates."

The Doctor is reeling since his death is imminent and he's feeling guilty about all the people who have died or suffered around him. Turns out visiting Craig is what spurred him into spending his last day with Amy, Rory and River. He borrowed the blue envelopes from Craig.

What catapulted "Closing Time" into brilliant territory was the last five minutes.

Before he leaves, The Doctor takes a moment to talk to some children, which segues into River reading their accounts in a library. Suddenly the woman with the eye patch shows up with two Silence aliens and they kidnap River and force her into the astronaut suit and seemingly brainwash her to kill The Doctor. Thus, bringing the season full circle and back where it started.

Steven Moffat is so fantastic at unraveling a story at the perfect pace. He gives enough answers to keep fans happy, while adding more questions to build suspense. It's something Russell T. Davies could never get quite right.

The best of the rest:

  • In a very quick scene we find out Amy is now a model. You know that drives Rory crazy.

  • The Doctor speaking baby to Alfie was so sweet. Matt Smith is at his most adorable when he has scenes with children.

  • As usual, The Doctor trying to be normal was hilarious.

  • Turns out Craig gave The Doctor his Stetson.

  • The store cashier who misunderstood companion and thought The Doctor and Craig were a couple was cute.
Next week's finale "The Wedding of River Song" should be a doozy, since hopefully we'll finally find out what the "one question" is and why these people want to kill The Doctor so badly. And of course how will The Doctor get out of dying since it's his show and well, he can't die.

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