Sunday, September 11, 2011

A different kind of story today

Back in 2001 there was a reality competition show that I just loved.

It was called "Murder in Small Town X" and aired on Fox. And it was probably ahead of its time.

The basic premise was a group of contestants would go to this town where a murderer was on the loose. They would need to become investigators and figure out clues to the identity of the murderer.

This was a huge production with an entire town, actors and tons of props. At the end of each episode two people would be sent off to seperate locations; one would come back with a clue, one just wouldn't come back and become a victim of the killer.

Just like any reality show there were annoying people and those who were jerks who "play the game."

But, there was also that special reality competition rarity: a truly good person.

In this show's case it was Angel Juarbe Jr. a firefighter from New York.

You could tell he was a great person and he never resorted to reality show fights. He even befriended Kristen, whom everyone else on the show hated. Seriously, they sent her up for elimination five times in a row.

So it was also a nice and rare thing to see a good guy win a show like this. Juarbe won the $250,000 prize on the show's last episode that aired on Sept. 4, 2001.

It wouldn't be the last time Juarbe would be in the news.

Exactly one week later he, along with numerous other New York firefighters, bravely went into the World Trade Center towers after the planes had hit them.

He never made it out.

Eagle eyed viewers of the Concert for New York City saw Jim Carrey holding up a picture of Angel during his appearance on the show.

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