Sunday, September 4, 2011

DC: Some of the 52 not interested in

To finish off our coverage of the new 52, these are the titles that we have absolutely no interest in buying.

In most cases it's just hard to afford to buy all 52 issues.

I don't want to just flat out bash a book or the writer/artist. I think they are all great and talented people, it's just the overall idea of these books that doesn't make me as excited as with "Green Lantern."

So, let's just get this over with.


"Men of War" - A military themed book lead by a man named Rock (as in Sgt?). This unit will apparently be going after super villains.

"O.M.A.C." - The evil Brother Eye... yeah, lost me right there.

"Voodoo" - While I was happy that "Grifter" from WildC.A.T.S. gets into DC, this one doesn't do anything for me.

"I, Vampire" - Vampires, no thanks.

"All-Star Western" - Didn't see the "Jonah Hex" movie and have no interest in a Hex comic.


"All-Star Western" - See Tim's reasons above.

"Hawk and Dove" - This is more a personal choice as I've just never been a fan of any incarnation of this duo.

"Swamp Thing" - There's a lot of buzz around this title, but it's just not my cup of tea.

"I, Vampire" - I really can't fit anymore vampires into my pop culture schedule.

Stay with us in the coming weeks as review new books when they come out and continue to discuss the progress of the DC relaunch.

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