Thursday, September 1, 2011

DC: 'Justice League' No. 1 review

"Justice League" No. 1 is finally out in stores (and online)!

And I just have to say straight out that I enjoyed every single panel of it.

First off, the book starts off five years in the past where the heroes are meeting for the first time.

So in this issue we have Green Lantern and Batman meeting/arguing/teaming up against an alien threat. The dialogue between the two is spot on.

Yes, we are getting a lot of information that we've known before (who the Green Lanterns are, Batman is just a man) but a majority of people getting this issue might not be up to speed like the rest of us nerds.

That exchange also provides a great moment where Batman just figures out how to de-ring Green Lantern.

We get a quick glimpse of pre-cyborg Cyborg, so also safe to assume this arc will detail how he becomes a hero. You also get bonus points for finding the strange woman from the end of "Flashpoint" No. 5 in the Cyborg scene.

The end of the book has Batman and GL finding Superman, who knocks Hal Jordan out and a last page teaser says next issue "Batman vs. Superman."

The art in the book is perhaps the best thing I've ever seen. Jim Lee was born to draw this comic and he really solidifies the title (I gave him) of the best comic artist ever.

A lot of fans might be turned off by this re-telling of origins and first meet-ups, but like with other projects, I have faith in writer Geoff Johns. And let's face it geeks, DC wasn't making a ton of money off just us. They need to grow, grab and appeal to new readers.

Us longtime comic readers, like with the comic companies, have to adapt alongside them. If the comic industry dies, we ALL lose.

Plus, Batman is my favorite character. In sixth grade I even had Batman shoes!

This "version" of Batman isn't drastically different, it's the same old Batman we all love. He de-ringed Green Lantern for God's sake!

And what great exchange with that:

Green Lantern: "You won't do that again."

Batman: "Not unless I want to."

My advice for any angry fans? Just wait. It will all pay off.

For everyone else? Hold on because it's going to be an awesome ride.

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