Monday, September 19, 2011

Awesome 'Castle' moments

My favorite show on television is back tonight: "Castle!"

I don't think I've been this excited for a show to come back as I am for this one. Every commercial that comes on has me counting the minutes. My brain almost went into overload during the TNT marathon when they showed a commerical during each break.

By now we don't need to talk about how much love Stephanie and I have for this show; we just do. We have the DVDs, books and even got to interview them at Comic-Con. And I sat right next to Stana Katic... and she touched my arm!

A week or two back this photo was released from the season opener tonight and I was jumping up and down:

Alexis going after Josh, this could potentially be another awesome "Castle" moment. That got me to thinking about other great moments from the show.

So, let's talk about some of the spectacular moments from "Castle." Now I'm not ranking them because in my mind they are all equally amazing.

From one of my favorite episodes, "Sucker Punch," Beckett saves Castle but in the process has to kill her mother's murderer without answers. This clip shows how excellent the show is with acting, script and even song choice. The Pearl Jam track was the perfect song to play during this scene. And I noticed that "Castle" timeslot competitor "Hawaii 5-0" also used the same song for one of its episodes and it wasn't nearly as compelling.

This clip from the great terrorist bombing two-parter shows off the great chemistry between Katic and Nathan Fillion. It also shows off that Fillion makes the BEST faces ever. Yes, we knew that they wouldn't die in a bomb explosion, but the end was still suspenseful and out of nowhere. I think I've watched this clip at least three dozen times.

On the show, detectives Ryan and Espisito are usually the comic relief types, but Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas have had great dramatic moments. And this next one was a little of both:

Espisito's line about the killer's mother was pretty funny too.

There are hundreds of other great moments from the show, but those were just a few I love.

Here's to adding some new great moments tonight and the rest of the season.

Wait, one more!

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