Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy 100th birthday to Lucille Ball

Aug. 6 is the 100th birthday of Lucille Ball. Hallmark Channel will be airing a "I Love Lucy" marathon to celebrate. Picking the best episode of the television classic is like picking the best gold bar in Fort Knox. However, here are a few suggestions listed in chronological order.

"The Fur Coat" - Ricky buys a fur coat to use in the show and Lucy thinks it's hers. After some shenanigans Lucy tricks Ricky with a fake coat. It makes the list for Ricky's reaction as Lucy seemingly cuts up a real mink coat. Classic Lucy and Ethel scheming.

"Pioneer Women" - Lucy is attacked by a loaf of bread. Enough said. It's one of my all-time favorites.

"Lucy Does a TV Commercial" - Another all-time favorite has Lucy doing the Vitameatavegamin commercial. She ends up drunk off the medicine she's pitching and hilarity ensues. There is no greater display of Lucille Ball's comic genius. I dare you not to fall over laughing.

"Job Switching" - Lucy at the candy factory is one of the most memorable moments in television history. But, what makes this episode so funny is Ricky and Fred trying to cook dinner. This episode cannot be watched enough, it's that funny.

"Lucy Goes to the Hospital" - Ricky, Fred and Ethel trying to get Lucy to the hospital to have the baby is one of the most hilarious scenes in TV history. It is fall off the couch hysterical.

"Lucy Changes Her Mind" - Lucy constantly changing her order at dinner is one of the series' funniest scenes ever. Another brilliant display of Ball's comic genius.

"Harpo Marx" - Lucy impersonates Harpo Marx, to Harpo Marx. It's comedic gold.

"Lucy Hates to Leave" - The Ricardos are moving to the country, but not yet. All their furniture is in the Mertzes apartment. This episode is a team effort as the physical comedy on display by the cast is textbook perfect.

"Lucy Does the Tango" - Lucy hides eggs in her clothes, then you can guess where it goes from there. This episode has one of the longest stints of audience laughter ever heard.

"I Love Lucy" is the template for every TV comedy that came after it. There are so many hilarious episodes that I left off the list. I suggest everyone settle in and watch the marathon this weekend or buy the DVD set of the complete series.

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