Tuesday, August 9, 2011

'Green Lantern 2' can be made

Let me start this by saying that I did truly enjoy "Green Lantern." And I do, with all my geeky heart, want to see a sequel.

There are still a few more foreign countries that haven't got "Green Lantern," but the numbers are still not good.

The reported budget for the film was $200 million. It has made back about $160 million so far. That is not good news.

But, Warner Bros. seems keen to still make a sequel.

And here's how I think they can do it.

First, hire someone who has a good amount of experience with CGI. While Martin Campbell is one of my favorite directors, "Green Lantern" needed someone else.

OK, don't knock me for saying this... but how about the Strause brothers? They are the ones who made "Skyline."

Granted "Skyline" was bad, like horrible bad, but that was all due to one sole reason: the script. And they had nothing to do with the script.

Numbers support my reasoning. "Skyline" had some seriously impressive special effects and it's reported budget was just $10 million. Something is seriously wrong with the world and the industry when a $10 million dollar film looks better than a $200 million one.

It's because these guys know special effects. Imagine what they could do with a $75 million budget?

Great looking films can be made for much less than $200 million.

With all its faults, "Sucker Punch" was made for a reported $82 million. Robert Rodriguez's first three "Spy Kids" movies each cost less than $40 million. Timur Bekmambetov has made three visually impressive films each under $100 million.

Warner Bros. needs to also realize that "Green Lantern" doesn't need to be on Earth. The entire movie should be in outer space, which means all green screen backgrounds. That right there would save a ton of money on location shooting.

Cut Blake Lively out of the film completely. Maybe throw a cameo in, but the character of Carol Ferris is not essential to a sequel. This second film should be about the fall of Sinestro and his battle with Hal. Play off the alien Green Lanterns and get some good actors to voice them. No need for A-list people, just great voices. Throw Mark Hamil a bone, that man can voice ANYTHING.

Want to add another character? Have the Guardians double up on Lanterns as they've done in the comics and introduce another human Lantern. John Stewart works great. Get a great character actor to play him. Someone like Idris Elba. Heck, give rapper Common the job he was supposed to get in the never made "Justice League" movie.

Come on Geoff Johns, DC Comics and Warner Bros. this can be done.

Just be smart about it. Us geeks have faith in you.

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