Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Doctor Who:' The best of David Tennant

We continue our best of The Doctor series with "The best of David Tennant."

Tennant is arguably, the most popular Doctor ever, so picking his five best moments was very difficult. Seriously, where do you start, all his episodes were so memorable. Feel free to let me know what moments you think I left out in the comments.

1. The Doctor saves Wilf in "The End of Time"

Tennant's death was going to be emotional no matter what, but having him rage against it instead of going out gracefully was inspired. It gave the actor one last chance to show the full exxtent of his talent. This is Tennant at his absolutely best.

Note: This clip features a score not in the originally aired version, but the rest of the scene is as it should be.

2. The Doctor says goodbye in "The End of Time"

Before his regeneration, the Tenth Doctor takes one last stroll down memoy lane and visits all his companions. Though he has no lines in this scene, Tennant tells viewers everything they need to know with just facial expressions. It offered a nice bit of closure for the characters.

3. "I'm a timelord" in "Voyage of the Damned"

The Doctor is at his best in a world ending crisis. He takes over and lets any aliens involved know he's in charge. In this scene from the Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned" the ship has just been hit by meteors and is threatening Earth. It one of Tennant's most swoon worthy moments.

4. Cassandra takes over in "New Earth"

One of Tennant's best qualities as The Doctor was his comedic skill. It's on full display here, as Cassandra transfers her consciousness into The Doctor and Tennant is brilliant.

5. The fury of the timelord in "The Family of Blood"

The Doctor doesn't like it, but sometimes he has to do bad things for good reasons. He carries the weight of that with him throughout the universe. He tries alternatives but sometimes the aliens don't give him a choice. That's what happened to the Family of Blood.

Honorable Mention: The Tenth and Fifth Doctors meet up.

It's no secret that Tennant is a serious "Doctor Who" fanboy, so he must have been over the moon to do a special with Fifth Doctor and (future father-in-law) Peter Davidson. Towards the end you get the sense that he's not really acting and means every word.

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