Sunday, August 28, 2011

'Doctor Who:' 32 minutes to live, someone get the top hat and tails

After waiting through the entire summer and a 24 hour marathon, "Doctor Who" fans can rejoice at the return of their favorite timelord.

When we last saw the swash-buckling timelord he was off to find Rory and Amy's kidnapped daughter Melody, who we now know grows up to be future companion River Song.

The hour began with Rory and Amy forgoing a telephone and calling The Doctor via crop circle. He hadn't found Melody yet, but wasn't worried because they now she becomes a kickass action hero.

The out of nowhere, we met the Ponds life long juvenile delinquent mate Mels. A little weird since she'd never been mentioned or shown before, but Steven Moffat has a reason for everything, and her name is Mels so she's probably important.

Her introduction included flashbacks of a young Amy and Rory, which were so endlessly adorable they could have lasted the whole episode. Unfortunately, Mels ended up shot by Hitler and regenerated into, wait for it, River Song. However, she's still Melody and doesn't know who River is. And oh yeah, she's programmed to kill The Doctor.

After some clever flirting between the two, she succeeded in giving The Doctor a poisonous kiss before escaping into 1930s Berlin. By the way, did I mention the time traveling justice robot operated by miniature humans. They're the Teselecta and it's important later.

With only 32 minutes to live The Doctor does what anyone would do, he tracks down his assassin and tries to save her, while dressed in top hat and tails with a sonic cane.

After finding Melody, Amy and Rory were taken by the Teselecta, which took on Amy's form. Karen Gillan was fantastic as robot Amy, as was Rory's reaction to being stuck inside a giant robot replica of his wife.

It turns out Melody is the greatest war criminal of all time, because she killed The Doctor in Utah in 2011. However, The Doctor knows who she becomes so he gets Amy to save her, then gets Melody to save her parents and him.

Sadly, Amy and Rory must leave their daughter in the best hospital in the universe since they have too much fore-knowledge of her life.

This episode was a fun time travelling adventure and also full of heart-breaking decisions. It was a great way to welcome the audience back into The Doctor's confusing, emotionally draining, action-packed, never boring world.

The extra pieces:

  • The momentary glimpse of Rose, Martha and Donna showed that The Doctor still carries around guilt about screwing them up. Although I'm sure they don't see it that way.

  • The Doctor downloaded the Teselecta's files, so now he knows about his death. Though he doesn't know Amy and Rory know.

  • Despite being titled "Let's Kill Hitler," the Nazi leader only showed up for a few minutes, then was put in a cupboard.

  • Rory is really becoming a badass; punching Hitler, riding motorcycles, staring down death.

  • Moffat answered questions about the Silence, Melody/River, the regenerating little girl from the premiere, but...

  • Moffat created all new questions about how Melody becomes River and what is the question that the Silence fears will be answered.
Just when you think you're starting to figure things out, Moffat creates all new problems that blow your theories out of the water.

Next week the trio helps a young boy overcome his fears in what looks like a cary episode. I'll have to watch with the lights on.

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