Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DC: 'Flashpoint' No. 5 review

The final issue of the "Flashpoint" mini-series arrived in stores today.

And in a lot of ways it's not an end to "Flashpoint," but a bridge to the DC new 52 universe.

Spoiler are ahead so fair warning.

In the span of the first four issues of "Flashpoint" and all of the tie-ins it was heavily implied that the Reverse Flash was the villain of the series. It was his fault all this happened and Barry Allen had to stop him.

In a swerve move that would make a "Lost" fan clap, the true "villain" emerged...

Allen, the Flash!

In his previous attempt to go back in time and save his mother from getting murdered, he inadvertently caused the entire "Flashpoint" universe to happen.

To fix everything he travels back in time to the point where he was about to save his mother and stops himself.

He is then caught in between... somewhere... and sees three different time streams. A mysterious stranger says that long ago history was shattered into three timelines to weaken the world for "their impending arrival."

Allen can fix everything, but at a cost.

What the cost is and who is about to arrive is unknown. I smell a crossover event next summer.

I'm fine with all these new things and changes because I have a certain level of patience. I know Geoff Johns has a plan and I'm cool with letting him stretch.

Though, I can see where people might be a bit upset about "Flashpoint." Yes, they made a huge deal about finding Superman and he shows up at the last possible second, kills a character and is in the comic for about a page and a half.

There is a moment at the end, which I won't spoil, that is worth the full price of the comic and then some. I love the way Johns wrote this particular scene and it will be a crowd favorite for sure.

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