Monday, August 29, 2011

DC Comics new 52 top choices

DC's realunch of 52 of its most popular titles is about to roll out. With that in mind Tim and I decided to list the books we're most excited about adding to our collections.


  1. "Action Comics"-Grant Morrison is one of the most prolific comic writers working today. His ability to build a story, especially origins. His take on Superman's well known history should be extremely interesting. It doesn't hurt that Rags Morales is doing the artwork for this book either.
  2. "Justice League"-It's no secret that we're big fans of Geoff Johns, so the idea of he and Jim Lee teaming up to tell the story of Earth's greatest heroes is irreistable, "Justice League" is also the headlining series for the relaunch, therefore it's a must have.
  3. "Batgirl"-Gail Simone is my favorite comic book writer. No one does emotional storytelling like her. Simone's talent combined with the return of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl will make for a truly compelling book.
  4. "Green Arrow"-Though it may not be the most talked about title, I've always had a soft spot for Green Arrow and can't wait to see where JT Krul takes the character.
  5. "Wonder Woman"-Despite DC's inability to get a movie made, she's still the best female superhero ever. Rebooting her story gives the company a chance to give the Amazonian warrior back her place as one of the big three.

  1. The "Green Lantern" books. The cool thing about the relaunch is that certain books are essentially keeping their current storylines intact. I've been emotionally invested in the "Green Lantern" universe for years, so it's going to be great to see the storylines stick around. Especially with Sinestro as Earth's new Lantern and Kyle leading a team of the different colored corps.
  2. "Justice League" obviously.
  3. "Justice League International." Booster Gold leading a JL team with Guy Gardner and Batman? Sold!
  4. "Nightwing." I am really interested to see how they transition Dick Grayson from Batman back to Nightwing. And with a new outfit.
Stick with us as we'll also talk about books we're on the fence about and books that we won't be getting at all. We'll also have reviews of "Flashpoint" No. 5 and the new "Justice League" No. 1 come Wednesday.

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